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The warranty

At Quick-Step, we put so much know-how, energy and commitment into our floors that we are certain you will have a lifetime of pleasure from it. For this reason we are delighted to give a lifetime warranty* on resistance to wear and tear and on Uniclic Multifit. The result: a floor you don’t have to worry about.


Quick-Step is concerned about the environment. You may be rest assured. By purchasing a Quick-Step Parquet floor you buy a 100% ecological preferred product. All incoming raw materials have been carefully screened for their impact on the environment. For example, wood that is used for our face layer is only sourced from controlled or ecologically certified forests. As a middle layer, we only use recycled wood that is sourced from plantations. Moreover, our glue and varnish fulfil the strictest international emission norms.
Quick-Step brings nature into your living room. Enjoy it – with respect and no worries.